#actwithtextiles is a campaign to bring our industry’s broad network of influencers together with a forum for sharing stories of textiles; project solutions; best practices; unique collaborations; processes and materials; and interesting people that act with textiles.

Each quarter we’ll explore a different aspect of textiles, starting with the Joy of Textiles!

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May 16–August 14, 2022

This is an opportunity to post all things textiles around NeoCon 2022.

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May 16–June 12

Build the anticipation of gathering for NeoCon and unveiling new ideas, products, trends, and innovations.

• Add tags to your NeoCon Teaser posts
• Who to see
• Where to go
• What to do

At NeoCon

June 13–15

Capture the flurry of action at NeoCon.

• Color Trends – posts highlighting color trends
• Textiles Trends – posts highlighting textile trends
• Trend Spotting – posts highlighting industry trends
• People Spotting – posts highlighting gatherings and people at NeoCon


June 16–August 14

After NeoCon 2022 is over, share the highlights, major trends, innovations and insights that will influence work moving forward. It is also an opportunity to showcase the experience for those that were unable to attend the event.

• Highlights from NeoCon 2022 showroom experience and attendee interactions
• Share special events, product introductions
• Share curated trends – color, construction, applications, environmental, material
• Share trends that are inspiring current work
• Share work that is influenced by NeoCon


In order to show up in the campaign feeds, you will need to use the following hashtags on every post:

• #actwithNeoCon (quarterly theme)
• #actwithtextiles (campaign)
• #actmember (identifies you as a member)

Additional Hashtags
• #NeoCon2022 (official NeoCon hashtag)
• #contracttextiles
• #(your company)



To start the year, let’s celebrate all of the things about textiles that bring us joy. We are drawn to pattern, color, and texture and their transformative power within interiors. This is an opportunity to share what brings us joy when working with textiles – from inspiration to application; from small details to grand visions; from visual punch to emotional impact.

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